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How do I set up Clynfyw emails on Gmail & Outlook.
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Outlook at bottom of page


There is a PDF downloadable attachment of these instructions available to download.

Look right>>>

In the top right hand corner of your Gmail page, click the Settings wheel.


Then click See all settings


Then click Accounts and Import


On the left, look for Check email from other accounts:

Click Add an email account


Enter your email address and click Next


LMUK servers do not currently support Gmailify so click Next


Enter you email address as your Username. Enter your Password.


as the POP Server

Make sure the Port is:


Tick the SSL Connection box and the Label box

Click Save Changes


We need to be able to send an email from your email address so make sure Yes is highlighted and click Next


Enter your name (note your name and email address will be shown on any email that you send). Click Next Step keeping Treat as an alias ticked


Enter in the SMTP Server box

Your email in the Username and Password in the next boxes. Select:


for the Port option and make sure the SSL option is selected.

Click Add Account


Gmail will now send an email to make sure all is well. Check your Gmail account and click the link to verify your email account.


Sometimes this can take a few minutes to arrive, so perhaps a nice cup of tea or coffee is now deserved! If you’re successful, congratulations. If not, please check the settings. Any further problems, please email Clive. Good Luck.

These are the technical settings for those who are so inclined.


Add an email address in Outlook

  1. Go to Add an alias. Sign in to your Microsoft account, if prompted.

  2. Under Add an alias, 'Add an existing address as a Microsoft account alias'.

  3. Enter your new Clynfyw email address

  4. Select Add alias.
  5. You will need to 'Verify'

  6. Job done
  7. Any problems...see Clive

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